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5 Types of Guns for Your Information


Whether in games or in real life, guns have always had a different appeal and style, which becomes an addiction for those who become more and more familiar with them. Visit fashionetc to learn more about the timely fashion you should have known. There are plenty of guns today with different shapes and sizes. But all the guns can be categorized under certain types. Here is a list of the categories of guns which can help in increasing your knowledge about guns. Read here


Pistols are the most basic advanced handguns that are available today. Most of the pistols available today are semi-automatic which has detachable cartridges inside the grip which holds the rounds. If you are lucky, you might find single-shot pistols in someone’s classic collection. Modern pistols can carry up to 17 rounds with an extended magazine. Glock 17, Desert Eagles, P320 are some of the common examples in this category.


If you are a fan of cowboy movies, you must have seen these barrel handguns known as revolvers. Revolvers were the first multi-shot handguns which could store 6-8 bullets at once in a barrel. As you pull the lever, the barrel rotates for a new bullet. Today you can also find the revolvers which are called semi-automatic but generally works the same way as the old classics. In the world of guns, there are plenty of revolvers you should have discovered, if you want to know what it is, discover here.

Bolt action rifles

Bolt action rifles can be slow but also powerful at the same time. They are one of the simplest kinds of guns to use today, which requires the person to manually push a bolt forward to pull the trigger and then pulling it back to release the empty cartridge. They can be more accurate and can cause greater damage. Bolt action rifles can hold 5-10 bullets inside or with a detachable magazine. Karabiner 98k is one example of a classic bolt action rifle.

Lever action rifles

Lever action rifles are one of the oldest in the category which has a history that goes back to the 19th century. A person needs to pull the level attached to the rifle to load a bullet, pull the trigger, and then pull the lever back to eject the empty cartridge to place a fresh bullet. The position of the level can make this gun faster than a bolt action, but in the end, it also depends on the skills of the holder. Winchester 94 is an example of lever-action rifles.

Semi-automatic rifles

The most advanced and most used type of guns used today which can shoot one bullet or a round of bullets. Loading of a new round is automatic. The semi-automatic guns have fast loading and can also have external magazines which can have five to thirty rounds. These guys are quick to use and also have a compact structure. AR-15 is one such example.

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